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Mushroom fritters


Today I am going to share my aunt’s recipe for mushroom fritters, which she always makes for Christmas. They are delicious, probably not the healthiest, but from time to time they won’t be that bad for you!



240g mushrooms (cooked, allow excess water to drain)
1 cup flour
1 egg
1/2 cup beer
1/4 olive oil
1/2 teaspoon baking powder (This is not essential, I made this batch without it as I ran out)

cayenne chilli pepper

Mushrooms: Wash them and then cook for about 3 to 4 hours until soft. Remove mushrooms, add some spices and vegetable/chicken stock cubes, cook some pasta and voilà, you have a tasty soup on a side!

It doesn’t matter what beer you use, I previously used a Tesco beer and this time around I used a Corona, and they are really tasty regardless of the brand.

As for spices, you can literally use whatever you like, those are the ones I use.

And now, it’s cooking time!

  1. Mix together the egg, flour and oil in a bowl.
  2. Add beer, little by little, while mixing.
  3. Add spices you like and whisk for the last time.
  4. The final texture should be quite thick, comparable to crème fraîche consistency.
  5. Fry it on a low-medium heat until golden brown.
  6. Enjoy your meal!

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Tell me what you think!



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14th of February – the day of the year when you HAVE TO celebrate the love.


So, the time of the year is here – Valentine’s Day – the day when everyone feels obliged to confess their love for another.

I genuinely dislike the idea of a forced celebration of love (as you should be doing so all year round) but I appreciate that people feel more empowered to disclose their feelings to the ones they like. I mean, there’s a couple hundreds of millions who do the same thing so anyone should feel at ease (or at least less shy) to write a love letter and send it to this special person.

It is in some sort of way a cute holiday, however it’s a very well capitalised day of the year as you feel obliged to prove your love for others through (expensive) gifts. But then again, who doesn’t want to be spoiled? Just be mindful of the capabilities of your wallet and your significant other.

For me, Valentine’s Day means chocolate, flowers, nice meal and a movie. Traditional and standard pack, which is more than enough considering that my boyfriend’s and mine anniversary is around two weeks later, on the 2nd of March. This is a day I’d rather celebrate properly. And when I was single, it meant a gathering with friends/family and celebrating a different kind of love.

Yet, Valentine’s Day is a good excuse (although you definitely do not need one) for baking and cooking, so yesterday my boyfriend and I went for a social “Love Chocolate Workshop” organised by Anime&Manga Society at our university and these are our results:


And now excuse me while I am relaxing and having a nice evening filled with sushi, red velvet cake and some catching up with TV series alongside my boyfriend.





UPDATE! (16/02/2017)

I went for a Bake Soc event for Valentine’s Day today and these are the results:


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Avocado Mousse


Today I decided to make this recipe, which looks yummy. I love avocados and I love chocolate so what would be here to not like?!

Unfortunately, the process of making an avocado mousse was less than amusing. Straight away I realised that my newly bought mini chopper/food processor doesn’t work at all. I ended up using my blender instead but the thought of sending the chopper back is just annoying.

The mousse itself, well, it wasn’t for my taste. I added a bit of water to make blending easier but there’s something that was missing in my opinion. I might try it again and blend the mousse with strawberries but for now, it’s not something I will eat regularly.

This is my result:




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Cat tent – an easy way of making your cat happy!


I am an owner of a beautiful cream classic tabby with white (e0922) Maine Coon named Tai Yang, which means “sun” in Chinese. He was born on the 07/07/2008. He is probably one of the most spoiled cats in the world but he totally deserves to be!

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Unfortunately, my cat is sick. The diagnosis is still not quite clear, he was believed to have Hypercalcemia however the treatment he was prescribed did not work (his blood test didn’t improve at all). Recently, he has been in an Animal Clinic in Moorsel for 4 days, the treatment seems to not have worked again. Two things are for sure, he has a stone in his kidney and high level of calcium in his blood.

I decided to make up the visit in the Animal Clinic to him by making a cat tent, using this instruction.

Here are my results:

He went inside twice but I guess it will take some more time (aka catnip will be involved) for him to take a liking to it. Also, I think I should’ve gotten a bigger t-shirt. Bigger is better, right? Tai might like it more, right?

Nevertheless, I had fun making it and it’s a very easy DIY for anyone who owns a cat!