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Cat tent – an easy way of making your cat happy!


I am an owner of a beautiful cream classic tabby with white (e0922) Maine Coon named Tai Yang, which means “sun” in Chinese. He was born on the 07/07/2008. He is probably one of the most spoiled cats in the world but he totally deserves to be!

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Unfortunately, my cat is sick. The diagnosis is still not quite clear, he was believed to have Hypercalcemia however the treatment he was prescribed did not work (his blood test didn’t improve at all). Recently, he has been in an Animal Clinic in Moorsel for 4 days, the treatment seems to not have worked again. Two things are for sure, he has a stone in his kidney and high level of calcium in his blood.

I decided to make up the visit in the Animal Clinic to him by making a cat tent, using this instruction.

Here are my results:

He went inside twice but I guess it will take some more time (aka catnip will be involved) for him to take a liking to it. Also, I think I should’ve gotten a bigger t-shirt. Bigger is better, right? Tai might like it more, right?

Nevertheless, I had fun making it and it’s a very easy DIY for anyone who owns a cat!




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