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14th of February – the day of the year when you HAVE TO celebrate the love.


So, the time of the year is here – Valentine’s Day – the day when everyone feels obliged to confess their love for another.

I genuinely dislike the idea of a forced celebration of love (as you should be doing so all year round) but I appreciate that people feel more empowered to disclose their feelings to the ones they like. I mean, there’s a couple hundreds of millions who do the same thing so anyone should feel at ease (or at least less shy) to write a love letter and send it to this special person.

It is in some sort of way a cute holiday, however it’s a very well capitalised day of the year as you feel obliged to prove your love for others through (expensive) gifts. But then again, who doesn’t want to be spoiled? Just be mindful of the capabilities of your wallet and your significant other.

For me, Valentine’s Day means chocolate, flowers, nice meal and a movie. Traditional and standard pack, which is more than enough considering that my boyfriend’s and mine anniversary is around two weeks later, on the 2nd of March. This is a day I’d rather celebrate properly. And when I was single, it meant a gathering with friends/family and celebrating a different kind of love.

Yet, Valentine’s Day is a good excuse (although you definitely do not need one) for baking and cooking, so yesterday my boyfriend and I went for a social “Love Chocolate Workshop” organised by Anime&Manga Society at our university and these are our results:


And now excuse me while I am relaxing and having a nice evening filled with sushi, red velvet cake and some catching up with TV series alongside my boyfriend.





UPDATE! (16/02/2017)

I went for a Bake Soc event for Valentine’s Day today and these are the results: